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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Sorry I havent posted in awhile. Blogger was down and it never worked. Well now its up and running again! Anyways, Im leaving for Albq. tomorrow. Im excited. I wont get a chance to post, but if by some chance I do, I will. Ill try to email people, but I dont know if I will have time for that either. I will buy a phone card so that I can call some of you guys. I love you all and hope you have a good week! Blessings.

Monday, July 15, 2002

I "babysat" today. It was fun. Kelsy, my downstairs neighbor, and I hung out. Shes 11 and her mom asked me to just be aware of where she was today. We ended up hanging out and having agood time. Shes really cool. She's very freindly and really sweet. I like her mom a lot too.Kelsey and her mom live by themselves, its kinda like me and my mom, so Kelsey and I have a lot in common. we watched Young Frankenstien, thats a great movie. And we walked to Wally's and got chicken fingers. She's going into middle school, and is really nervous about it. She seems like the kind of kid that worries about a lot of things. She kinda reminds me of myself when I was her age. I really had a good time hanging out with her. Despite her age. It was kinda like hanging out wtih my cousin Nina. nina is the coolest little girl ever. Shes nine and she is so much fun. I really like to hang out with her. Her and I were the only grandkids for three years and we have lots of fun together. She is, I hate to say this, my favorite cousin. Although her little sis Ava is awesome too. Im sure you all care about my cousins and all. Haha. Im going to visit them on Wednesday. Imr eally excited. YAY!

Sunday, July 14, 2002

I just watched that movie I AM SAM. IF you havent seen it. See it! It will make you cry and it will make you laugh. It really makes you think about love and about the needs of people and the values that people have. It questions what comes first in your life. What is more important, family or work? What makes a family? Knowledge or Love? Its an awesome movie I really liked it.

I'm lonely. I wish I could talk to becca... I should write her an email. I havent had time to the last few days. I love her. I want a hug....

Good night.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Click to edit this so that you can see the directions as a whole.

1. Say I love Becca five times fast.

2. Laugh cause she's silly.

3. Look at the Post button at the top right corner of the screen and then look left. The last icon looks like a world with the infinity (sideways eight) underneath it. Click on it.

4. A small window will pop open and it will have a space to type. Delete anything in the box and then type the address, such as Click ok.

5. Something that looks like this ----> will pop up. Type the word that you want to be the linkright here between the address and the thingie

6. Post to make sure it works.

7. Come visit Italy with your girlfriend, she thinks its beauty fegins when yours is near.

8. I wove ou.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Celeen's blog is now a forum for thought and like a sheep, Im am following, and thinking. Which, in this case, I don't think is a bad thing. Anyways....


I think I have written about reality before but I don't remember so I'll write about it again. What is real. Celeen was telling me that Mason asked her this question. My response to this quesiton would probably be very different from his answer to this quesiton. But now that I'm thinking about it I don't think that I know the difference between my reality and my dreams. I like to think that I manifest things in my life like love and peace. But are those things a reality in my life at all? Do those things even exist? I mean I know that certain things are real in my life, for example, I know that I have a mother and a house. I know that I swim every morning and I go to school. But I don't know the reality of the effect those things have on my life. What are the feelings that they produce? Are they figments of my imagination? Or does the energy that I am create them? Does that energy really exist? I like to think that it does and therefore I think that it is reality. I like to think that I have a white light that is the true me, I like to think that i possess a powerful energy. For me, these things are a part of my reality. For other people they don't even exist. Which means that we create our own reality right? There must be something that connects us all in our own realities, because if not we would all live in our own dream worlds. I'm confusing my self once again, that usually means its time to stop.

Some times I wish that people could respond to this cause I want to know what people think. I suppose if you want to respond you can write to, put response to Blog in the heading. I will probably only respond to your response on here.

Friday, July 05, 2002

There is one question that is a part of every humans life at some point in time and that is:

Who am I?

I was thinking about the answer to this question. Acctually, Celeen's blog made me think of this.

We give our evergy to people in the form of love and we exchange that energy. Their energy becomes apart of our energy and it all mixes together. And it makes sense because we think of our true selves as being a white light. Well what is white? Supposedly, it is a form of a mixture of every color, therefore, all the colors of all the other people mixed into our own color creating our white center. So, in an sense, you are what you eat. Or rather what you love and experience. You ARE the people around you and the air you breathe. Its not like that is ALL that you, it just makes up a part of you, creating the whole that we call self. And of course, your "color light" as celeen called it, is a part of you too. Hmmmm.... now that I'm thinking some more, what is that light that started within you? I mean, here I am saying that all the lights combined make SELF. Well if thats self, then what is the original light? Is that the true you? Where did it come from? I mean, that part of us, is what we share with everyone else that we encounter. The part that we give to create their whole. Yet, it makes up such a small part of ourselves. Hmmmm.... I got to sort some thoughts, Ill get back to you on this one!

I love you all and envision a life of love, peace, and enlightenment for you. Let the energy guide you and show you the path to wisdom and nirvana.


Wednesday, July 03, 2002

After reading Celeens ENORMOUS blog and talking to her last night, I have been thinking a lot about love. Arent I always thinking about love? Oh well. Anyhow.... I was thinking about love and how incredibly important to me it is. Yet, what is love? There are so many different kinds of love its insane. Can lvoe be defined? Can it be contained? I know that my love for Becca is EXTREAMLY different from my love for celeen. they are both my very clos friends but things are still different. I think that personality and spiritual connection really do make a difference in the experience of love. I told Celeen last night that you can't comare any relationship. The love that I feel for shands and the love that I feel for ricky will always be so different that you can't even look at them the same way. Both guys are my good friends, but the love that is shared between us is differnet.

Love is made of energy. Love IS energy. Thats why its different. I love finding the answers. Shands has a different energy than Ricky simply because he is a different person.THerefore the energy bond between us is different. WOO HOO!

Anyways, like Celeen said, love is absolutly amazing. I love so many people and things. Love is definatly a controling force in my life. Its only 8:48 in the morning and today I have already thought about Amber, Ricky, Katelyn, Celeen, Becca, Shands, Daniel, Taylor, Jordan, Coach Lee, and my mom. I love all those people so so much, but each love is different. Sometimes I think that its hard to remember that there are different kinds of love and different forms of love. Sometimes I think that people have an idea about what LOVE IS. But I think that there is more to it than that. Love is what you make it. And sometimes love changes. But thats all that it does. It changes it doesnt go away. Thats cool to me. To know that just because one type of love is different from another doesnt mean that its not love.

When I say I love you it most certainly doesn't mean "OH MY GOD...I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU AND I CAN'T GO ANOTHER DAY WITH OUT YOU!" (in most cases) It means "I care about you and I wish the best for you and I hold you in an energy in my soul."

I love energy. Its cool. thanks Donna for helping me realize that. If youve never given donna a hug, oh god! DO SO! QUICKLY! Talk about energy. If you've never experienced energy anywhere else you will experience it with Donna.

I suppose I should go now. I think I might take a nap. celeen wont be home for another hour and half or so. Bye bye.

I love you all!


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